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Antes Del Sol

Reporting was supported by UC Berkeley's 11th Hour Food and Farming Fellowship and world renowned Chef Jose Andres

Antes Del Sol is an intimate portrait of the invisible teenage workforce of the agriculture industry. This short film was screened at George Washington University. A deeper dive into this shadow network was published by Teen Vogue in October. Read it here.


Officially selected for the 18th Santa Cruz Film Festival premiering Oct 2022 - Send inquiry to watch privately

GERARDO is based on the death of an Indigenous 19-year-old who was shot and killed by a Salinas police officer in July 2021. His mother talks about the night he was shot and killed at her front door step. The case of Gerardo Martinez has been reopened due to the pressure of city advocates and his mother seeking justice.

Zide Door

Published by Oaklandside 2022

Smoke twirls from the lips of a man with a long beard and metal-framed glasses, who is dressed like the Pope with a psychedelic twist: embroidered gold hemp leaves decorate his cloak, and mushrooms adorn his stole. 

Dave Hodges is the pastor, preacher, and founder of Zide Door, a nondenominational and interfaith church in Oakland where religious practice centers on the use of natural hallucinogens known as entheogens—mainly, mushrooms containing the psychoactive chemical psilocybin. For Hodges, “Mushrooms are the origin of all religion.”


Published by El Tecolote 2022

Niko Summers — a 5th generation healer and cultivator in San Francisco — discovered the healing properties of plants early on in his childhood. 

“The first time my mom took me out to the garden, I was five and what they were learning about me was in order to deal with my trauma and the things that had happened, plants were really healing,” said Summers. “As an herbalist and as someone that also wants to help people, I’ve just learned that helping myself first has been the main key in being able to do that.”


Submitted to Mill Valley Film Festival 2022 - Send inquiry to watch privately


Framed between mountains and fog, a group of farmers debate with the Colombian government on how to keep their livelihood while protecting the environment.

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